Each year at DDA we present 3 awards to dancers within the school to celebrate their achievements.

Our Achievement award is presented for various achievements in dance. This can be working hard in classes, outstanding exam results, success in auditions, or over coming personal obstacles to achieve their goals.

Our Dancer of the Year award is in Memory of Samantha Bernard. This award is presented to the dancer that has really gone above and beyond throughout the dance year. This could be assisting in classes, helping younger dancers achieve their goals, working hard to achieve their own goals, as well as achievements in exams, competitions and auditions. A real team player and all rounder.

Our Most Improved Dancer award is dedicated to the memory of Eleanor Stephen. This award is given to the student that makes the greatest improvements in all aspects of their dancing throughout the year.

Achievement Award
Abbie Russell /Bella Panton (2016)
Lili Lukawski (2017)
Mischa Macaulay-Hendry (2018)
Emily Christie (2019
Ellie Kilfedder (2020)
Alyssa Wilson (2021)
Evie Clark (2022)

Dancer Of The Year (In memory of Samantha Bernard)
Ellie Kilfedder  (2016)
Logan Robertson (2017)
Emma Wright (2018)
Sarah Livingston (2019)

Summer Macaulay-Hendry (2020)
Rosie Berry (2021)
Ellie Kilfedder/Summer Macaulay-Hendry/Rosie Berry (2022)

Most Improved Dancer (In memory of Eleanor Stephen)
Millie Beath (2020)
Nieve Thomson (2021)
Katy Williamson (2022)